Fonderia Allanconi

Weights and Sizes
The Allanconi Foundry can produce a wide range of bells, in various shapes and sizes, according to the taste and desire of the buyer, and to the needs of the community that will host the bell. The sound of a bell derives from the chosen musical note and the balance of thickness that identify the profile of each bell, in a balanced relation between the weight of the bell and its diameter. The Allanconi Foundry owns a full range of shapes with which it is possible to create any kind of bells.
Our shapes are:
We can make bells of any size and weight, according to your needs:
Ø cm 17.8weight Kg. 3.3(C)note DO
Ø cm 18.8weight Kg. 4(B)note SI
Ø cm 20weight Kg. 4.8(A#)note SI b
Ø cm 21.2weight Kg. 5.6(A)note LA
Ø cm 22.6weight Kg. 6.5(G#)note LA b.
Ø cm 23.8weight Kg. 7.8(G)note SOL
Ø cm 25weight Kg. 8.5(F#) note SOL b.
Ø cm 26.7weight Kg. 10(F)note FA
Ø cm 28.3weight Kg. 12.5(E)note MI
Ø cm 30weight Kg. 16.5(D#) note MI b.
Ø cm 31.6weight Kg. 18(D)note RE
Ø cm 33weight Kg. 22(C#)note RE bem.
Ø cm 35weight Kg. 27(C) note DO
Ø cm 37weight Kg. 30(B) note SI
Ø cm 39weight Kg. 35(A#) note SI bem.
Ø cm 42weight Kg. 43(A)note LA
Ø cm 45weight Kg. 50(G#)note LA bem.
Ø cm 47weight Kg. 60(G)note SOL
Ø cm 50weight Kg. 72(F#)note SOL bem.
Ø cm 53weight Kg. 85(F) note FA
Ø cm 56weight Kg. 100(E) note MI
Ø cm 60weight Kg. 120(D#) note MI bem.
Ø cm 63weight Kg. 140(D)note RE
Ø cm 67weight Kg. 170(C#) note RE bem.
Ø cm 71weight Kg. 205 (C) note DO
Ø cm 75weight Kg. 240(B) note SI
Ø cm 80weight Kg. 295(A#) note SI bem.
Ø cm 85weight Kg. 340(A)note LA
Ø cm 90weight Kg. 410(G#) note LA bem.
Ø cm 95weight Kg. 485(G) note SOL
Ø cm 101weight Kg. 575(F#) note SOL bem.
Ø cm 107weight Kg. 680 (F)note FA
Ø cm 113weight Kg. 800(E) note MI
Ø cm 120weight Kg. 970 (D#)note MI bem.
Ø cm 126weight Kg. 1140(D)note RE
Ø cm 134weight Kg. 1370(C#) note RE bem.
Ø cm 143weight Kg. 1650(C) note DO
Ø cm 151weight Kg. 1950(B)note SI
Ø cm 160weight Kg. 2360(A#) note SI bem.
Ø cm 171weight Kg. 2800(A) note LA
Ø cm 190weight Kg. 3900(G) note SOL
Ø cm 202weight Kg. 4600(F#) note SOL bem.