Fonderia Allanconi

         Artisan foundry of bells and artwork         
VALUES VALUES The ancient art of casting bells has been passed down for generations from father to son, and the secrets of the craft are jealously guarded. Despite the availability of modern industrial techniques, the choice made by our foundry is to continue today in the sign of tradition, to safeguard those assets of knowledge handed down from generation to generation that would otherwise be lost forever.
OUR BELLS OUR BELLS The creation of a bell requires the use of simple materials - such as soil, water, beeswax, hemp and bronze. It is then the artisan, with his mastery and the secrets handed down from generation to generation, that will transform this artifact - the bell - into an extraordinary musical and sacred art object, which will accompany the life of the communities that host it, marking their times and celebrating their most significant moments.
THE MUSEUM THE MUSEUM School groups, bell enthusiasts and all those who appreciate artisan activities can visit the foundry to discover - step by step - the long process of creating a bell. As we are busy in the foundry all day long, visits are by reservation only. In this way, we can devote all the time necessary to a complete visit, while explaining to you the entire production process, without haste.